Founded in Ontario in 2017 by leaders in the commodities, blockchain, trading systems and data fields, the strength of Grain Discovery lies in our wealth of expertise, skills and networks. It was established to address the lack of innovation in the global agricultural industry by increasing the transparency, security, efficiency and provenance of the supply chain.

The agricultural cash market is, and always has been, opaque which disadvantages all participants. Farmers work as individuals and have been price-takers for too long. While buyers find it difficult to broadcast their prices to a wide audience to ensure efficient accumulation and logistics methods.

Grain Discovery effectively breaks down these barriers by allowing buyer and seller to gain exposure to a larger pool of customers across a local, regional, provincial or global level using the technology we have created. Our innovative online commodity exchange levels the playing field by simplifying and enhancing the connection between sellers and buyers across numerous supply chain transactions.

Marketing and selling continues to be one of modern agriculture’s most challenging business segments yet provides the biggest growth opportunity for those willing to adopt new technology and practices. Grain Discovery’s online commodity exchange delivers benefits to a broad group of stakeholders.