The settlement of the trade is delegated to blockchain based self-executing smart contracts, thereby avoiding the premium charged by centralised clearing houses

Tokens denoting the monetary value of a contract are traded for asset backed commodity tokens. The blockchain acts as a tamper proof, immutable ledger recording and proving the existence of the transaction.


Increasingly, consumers are becoming engaged with where their food originated and how it was produced. They are also more willing to pay more for products certified as organic or single origin. This trend of source verification is set to reshape the industry as it increasingly becomes a requirement for food production

Blockchain records provenance- which acts like a digital watermark for the commodity, tracking its authenticity and source of origin as it moves through the supply chain.




To further strengthen the accountability of the supply chain, Grain Discovery will provide clients with the latest storage and handling technology to streamline “on farm” transactions. Now, buyers can purchase with confidence knowing the quality and quantity on offer. This technology also allows ‘mark to market’ stock reconciliation accounting on their unsold grain.


Both buyers and sellers along the supply chain depend on the ability to capture margins and limit price exposure. Clients will have all the expert information and resources they need to capitalise on their position and set informed bids and offers. Grain Discovery will collate all “price discovery” information that impacts basis and futures prices and present it in a clear, concise and user-friendly way.