The agriculture and agri-food industry contribute over $110 billion annually to Canada’s GDP. Canada is the fifth largest agricultural exporter in the world and the industry employs 2.3 million Canadians (that’s 1 in 8 jobs). 

Canada and U.S. alone produced 807 million tonnes of grain, cotton, sugar, nuts, oilseeds and their byproducts (animal protein meal and vegetable oil) in 2017. The harvest is stored in a combination of private (grower owned located on their farm) and public elevators. In the U.S. just over 50% is private storage located on the farm, while in Canada its closer to 80%. 

The companies operating these elevator networks are diverse, ranging from multinational conglomerates,  food producers, farmer owned cooperatives to a ‘mom and pop’ business running a single elevator. This immense capacity in North America underlines the reach and scalability of Grain Discovery. 

To illustrate the size of the agricultural industry in the U.S. and Canada, consider the 2017 production for the major agricultural crops and their processed byproducts.


Canada & U.S. Production 2017

Canada & U.S. Production 2017.png