Every participant in the food supply chain stands to benefit from Grain Discovery. This means farmers, brokers, traders, exporters, domestic and international food buyers. 

But ultimately, a transparent supply chain is most beneficial for the millions of consumers who care about where their food comes from.

To do this, we’re tackling the industry’s major pain points:



Farmers work as individuals and lack bargaining power, this undermines their ability in getting a fair price for their product. Grain Discovery allows growers to set an informed live offer. 

The opaque nature of the agricultural cash market disadvantages all participants. Grain Discovery allows both buyers and sellers to view prior trade history, view what local cash prices are doing and the depth behind the bid and offer. This unique intelligence enables the client to set a target price with confidence.


Grain Discovery eliminates the need for trading companies to have a large and expensive accumulation team. Now, one merchant can do the work of several by setting buying limits, targeting different regions whilst their cash price is automatically tracking the futures market.

In addition, Grain Discovery’s self-executing smart contracts avoid the premium charged by clearing houses and financial institutions, so these cost savings can be passed onto our clients.




Today, when farmers sell their product they call multiple buyers to get the best price, gauge market depth and then finally negotiate the deal and payment terms – a time consuming task. An exchange eliminates this time wastage by displaying live price where a trade can be confirmed at a click of a button.

Compared to their immediate contacts, Grain Discovery allows buyers and sellers prices to be viewed by a much wider geographic audience. This not only ensures a more efficient accumulation and logistics strategy but also a better price being achieved.