About Us:

Grain Discovery is an early stage startup aiming to revolutionize how agricultural commodities are traded globally. Consumers are increasingly engaged with where their food was sourced (think non-GMO, organic, fairtrade, sustainable, single origin etc.). At Grain Discovery we are building an agricultural blockchain and exchange to track the provenance of bulk commodities (wheat, soy, coffee etc.) from the farm to your fork, and are looking to expand our team. The founders have many years of experience in the financial markets as traders and quants managing portfolios in the billions of dollars and recognized the potential of blockchain very early on.

As an early stage startup we are looking for people who want more than to be an employee completing assigned tasks. We are looking for entrepreneurial people with a passion to help grow a company from the ground up. This is an opportunity to be involved in strategy and blue-sky thinking and as such will require both flexibility and creativity as the job evolves in pace with the company itself. Our preference is to offer more equity in lieu of salary, we are looking for people who believe in our vision, the size of our addressable market is enormous so the potential upside is considerable (0.5% - 2% equity).


  • Curiosity and ambition, we are looking for somebody who wants to be part of building a startup from the ground up.

  • Creativity, this is an opportunity to be involving in shaping the blockchain strategy of our company. Ideas and input at all levels in the business is welcome.

  • B.S in Computer Science/Engineering or related field

  • Several years of professional software development experience

  • Fluency in Javascript/NodeJS/React, HTML5, CSS3, databases (including NoSQL)

  • Some understanding of blockchain technology (in particular Hyperledger and Ethereum)


  • Cloud Infrastructure experience

  • Understanding of cryptoeconomics (e.g can you explain MakerDAO)

Contact Us:

  • Email: info@graindiscovery.com with a brief cover letter and one page CV